Honestly, I am pissed off at this! Like really heated! Especially as a “young” person. Not everyone has breast cancer… I speak from a place of frustration to my cancer “community.” In case you all forgot we are united in this fight it’s not pink and blue you get what I’m saying?

We are united on this playing field. Cancer is the BIGGEST equalizer. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer at 34, do you know how many 34-year-olds have bladder cancer in my area? 0. Do you know how many 70-80-year-old men have bladder cancer in my area? More than that

Here is an actual sample of the many, MANY emails that I received after reaching out to connect with young survivors…

“Hello, Nicole. Thank you for reaching out. I’m sorry, but our group is limited to breast cancer only.

Some other options might be Cancer Pathways (formerly Gilda’s Club) at­ There might also be some online groups for bladder cancer.

Having cancer is our 30s/40s really sucks.

Thinking of you”
~ Josephine

Love and light and FUCK you very much, Josephine!

Sure, I could go to Gilda’s club but unfortunately for me, it’s not running! The bladder cancer meetups are great, when they happen (every few months) except for one thing, I can’t relate to 70-80-year-old cancer patients! Let alone men!

I wonder if miss Josephine wants to chat with grandpa about the vaginal dryness she is experiencing from early onset menopause? I bet she wouldn’t!!

How about talking to Granddad about a vaginal dilator so she can bang after radiation..and how normal and sexy you feel having to do that! Bet she wouldn’t!!!

I could go on, and on, and on…

It’s not just Josephine who is selfish, but anyone who turns away anyone reaching out!

Get WOKE! The people that you turn away…need you and your story! It doesn’t matter what body part got compromised. Instead of acting like you have the “special” “only you can understand” cancer, think about the person who not only wants connection but NEEDS it!



Oh, and if you have to adorn a stupid ribbon, let it be lavender for ALL CANCER! This is an all-inclusive club!

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