1. H2O No, not HBO..H20 water stay hydrated! Water is a stress balancer. When you are dehydrated your body starts to produce stress-inducing chemicals.So don’t stay thirsty my friends!
  2. Breath…. That is some good advice right here! Shallow, short breaths induce stress response in the body. Long deep breathing promotes healing and relaxation.
  3. Go outside! Not just anywhere. Try to get into some nature. I’m not telling you to go camping or go on a hike. It can be as simple as going to the park or beach. Take your shoes off and feel the earth..take long deep breaths! You can thank me later
  4. Yoga. You don’t have to join some fancy studio. Get on the youtube and stretch it out in your living room. The movement with that deep breathing will for sure kick some good endorphins your way!
  5. One of the major factors in adrenal fatigue is Leaky Gut! This shit (no pun intended) is NO fun! Try to google a leaky gut diet that will work for you, and start incorporating foods that will help.
  6. Sleep! Get more boo face! If you think you are already getting enough but your still tired..add an hour and see how that feels.
  7. Issa vibe! Play your favorite music… don’t worry if it’s not relaxing to the neighbors or the other humans in your house. They (science) did an experiment..plants like me prefer heavy metal!
  8. Take a bath! Add some bath bombs and a glass of rosé
  9. Read a book…or a blog! (wink-wink) with your feet up…on a couch..with a fluffy blanket, with shoes off and don’t forget to a deep breath, got it!
  10. Eat the pickles and drink the kombucha! Pickles in the kombucha then?!? Just kidding..but if that’s your thing..go on mama! I am talking about fermented foods! These bad boys are packed with probiotics and support a healthy gut. Stay away from anything that has been fermented with citric acid as it takes the benefits right out the whole thing. Also, I think wine is grapes that are fermented. Just saying!
  11. Give yourself some D! Vitamin D that is…I’m sure the other one wouldn’t be bad either.
  12. Art… writing, blogging, painting, coloring, making macaroni necklaces! Whatever inspires your inner Bob Ross, do that shit!
  13. Dance as if ..well, who cares is watching… put on your issa vibe playlist and dance.
  14. Magnesium is a powerful tool against fatigue… drink Green drinks! Thttps://www.rebootwithjoe.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-magnesium/
  15. Find a naturopath and explore natural medicine, as there are a lot of herbs that can assist with adrenal fatigue..especially if you are like me at stage 3!
  16. Fuck multi-tasking! Reality check..I would like to think I can do all the things, but my body is telling me NO! So that means I might have to start saying no more often. Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow.
  17. Cut the drama..however you have to do that do it! No more toxic internet fights or toxic people..literally treat them like they have some crazy bug that there is no cure for.
  18. Make yourself a Zen den..or just a corner where you can put yourself on time out. If you don’t meditate or don’t know how now would be a great time to sign up for my newsletter as I have one for you!

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