Before I got diagnosed, the only cancer that I thought existed was breast cancer not only that but I was so naive about who got it and that it was easy to “cure” if you just got screened! I go to the store and there is a pink ribbon on everything from tampons to clearance beef..Get in the car there is a radio commercial almost every 5 min talking about breast cancer!

I take issue with the pink ribbon..because breast cancer is not as black and white as it looks! I wish we could just have a awareness month where we actually break stereotypes, and can rest in the fact that money donated will find cures!..Halloween isn’t the only scary thing breast cancer month brings, the Susan G Komen foundation is just about as scary as you can get!

First, I want to talk about Komen and the cruel claims the foundation makes towards people that suffer with metastatic breast cancer! A early screening does not protect you from metastatic breast cancer!In fact over 30% of people who get early screenings will develop metastatic breast cancer! So it’s definitely no fault of the person who doesn’t get screened in time!The marketing is riddled with false suggestions that overcoming breast cancer is as simple and easy as an annual mammogram.

There is NO cure for metastatic breast cancer! Suggesting breast cancer is something you can “beat” if you do the right things,is not only erroneous information, but diabolical!

The Susan Komen foundation uses less than a dime from every dollar donated to breast cancer research..where does all the money go!?

Komen’s website claims only 25% of the money goes towards research and training grants.It doesn’t reveal how much is actually going into research alone! The other 75% goes to breast cancer health education this can mean anything from pink ribbon overload to ridiculous posters..ect!

It doesn’t stop there..This foundation has been known to sue charities,over 100 small non-profits to be exact,that use the term “for a cure”…It spends money to shut down charities that are trying to raise money FOR A CURE!

The Komen foundation receives millions of dollars in sponsorship from multiple corporations.Not only that, but corporations that produce items with “cancer causing” agents in them. You can find things such as fried chicken buckets to pink drill bits sold to a fracking companies…poison sure looks better in pink!

As if it doesn’t get worse, the Komen foundation own stock in big pharma! One of the companies is the maker of Tamoxifen, a cancer drug that has been found to increase the risk of certain cancers! They also own stock in General electric, you guessed it..GE makes mammogram machines!No wonder the focus on early screening and drug treatment!

In the almost 30 years this foundation has been around, we are NO closer to progress when dealing about this diseases mortality rate!This campaign is sorely lacking educating on the underlying causes!

Awareness means different things to each individual. Let’s not forget about those who suffer with metastatic breast cancer! They could be you or a sister,daughter,mother..
So with this being said..How much of the profit goes to a cure? What the hell does a pink ribbon on some fried chicken do to raise awareness!?
I understand people want to feel part of and do good things..if you want to help really contribute.Take a moment and donate to reputable research organization. We need to crush the stereotype of breast cancer and acknowledge metastatic breast cancer!
It is NOT enough to raise “awareness”! We need to find a cure! What would be better than a cure would be a solution to prevent it!
Here is a organization that is here to help!

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